Have you ever dreamed of being a Power Ranger or a Gundam and defending a city from monsters that attack? Or controlling a mech that looks like Godzilla or Mechazilla from the King of Tokyo board game? Override: Mech City Brawl by Modus Games is the game for you! Though no matter how hard you try it will be impossible to not smash some of the buildings during your battle.

Override: Mech Battle- Xenotypes

Take control of one of 13 different mechs

In Override: Mech City Brawl you take on the role of a pilot that controls one of 12 massive mechs. Each of these mechs has it’s own unique style of fighting that you will have to learn. It is worth doing the training tutorial for all the different mechs so you can learn how to attack with them. The left shoulder button controls the left arm, the right the right shoulder. Then the triggers control the left and rights legs for kicks. When you come across a weapon you have a choice which arm to equip it on and you have to use that should button to fire it. There are buttons to block incoming attacks and if you are close to being destroying you can hit both the triggers at the same time to do a huge final attack that hopefully will destroy your opponent before they take you out!

Override: Mech City Brawl is a gorgeous looking game! All the environments, xenotypes and mechs all look great. Appearance wise all the mechs are all very different not just repaints of each other. You have one that looks like a gundam, a robot cat, a dragon, and a robot that has an old computer screen for a head. As of this week a Unicorn themed mech is available in the DLC to download, with plans for many other characters to be added to the roster.

Override: Mech Brawl-Vintage

Smash cities that are modeled after the real life thing

The really cool thing is all the in game cities you fight in are modeled after the actual city and country in real life. So you get to travel the world in a way fighting in New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, Morocco and Norway.

Override has an in depth single player story to play through for each of the pilots of the mech. They are a bit similar but it’s interesting to see the differences between all the pilots. You always have a choice of what order you want to complete the missions in and what cities you want to fight in. Each one has a different difficulty level and rewards for completing the mission. Though the fights range from very easy to hardest, and the hardest ones really challenge you.

Override: Mech Battle-missions

Override: Mech City Brawl has a really unique party co-op mode available that I personally haven’t seen in a game.  You can get 2 to 4 friends to play together to try to control the mech. Each player is going to be responsible for one part of the mech! So it really takes a lot of communication to work together to get the mech to move the way you want! It really feels like a Power Ranger experience!

Accessorize your mech for the holidays!

As you complete missions in the game you will unlock new collections of weapons that you can equip your mech with. Some use items like swords and lightsabres, which others are equipped with guns. All the different colors and skins to unlock for the characters really let you make the mech your own. Even Christmas themed accessories are available so if you feel the need to add some lights or a candy cane you can!

Override: Mech Battle- Accessories

Override: Mech City Brawl is for anyone who likes fighting games with more customization than your usual game. Or for someone who would like to be able to control every single part of the mech. The party co-op is definitely unique and will definitely take a while to master.  There is a lot of replay value here with all the different characters and mechs. If you have ever watched Pacific Rim and you thought “I want to pilot a Jaeger!” this is as close as you are going to get. At least currently at this point in time…

Override: Mech Brawl-Mya

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