It’s December, and in my world that means questionable Christmas songs, Eggnog full of corn syrup, and spending time with relatives you want nothing to do with. It’s funny, I used to roll my eyes at comedians who made that last joke, but as got older, I realized it’s less a joke and more a genuine cry for help. Anyway, I really do love Christmas, and one of the things I love the most is checking out what Santa put in my stocking every year.

In today’s, we’re going to look at a few sweet and inexpensive indie games that even Santa wouldn’t mind cramming up your stocking. From shooters, sports, puzzlers, platformers, and indie hits, we’ve covered just about every genre and type of game out there, all for $10 or less.

The Highlights

For this video I had to cast a wide net, covering games I wouldn’t normally play, like horror games or shooters. But for this hastily thrown together article written at 3 in the morning the day we upload said video, I figured I’d go over some of my personal favorite games from the video, and maybe a few that didn’t quite make the cut.

Going over the script, our first casualty comes in the form of a 3D platformer. If you’re familiar with my work (which you’re not), you’d know these three dimensional jump-fests are my favorites. Sadly, my favorite 3D platformer of the last few years, Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure isn’t in the video. At $20, it didn’t meet the $10 maximum requirement. Neither did A Hat in Time, which was also priced out of those dangling socks on the fireplace.

Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure is one of the games that didn’t quite make the list.

But no matter, because I was able to include the holy of Double Fine games: Stacking, Psychonauts, and Costume Quest. All of them had big publishers when they first came out years ago, but they’ve all since shutdown, and the rights have gone back to the House that Tim Schafer Built. Okay, I know that sounds bad, but it’s not Double Fine’s fault. Probably.

I also threw in an entire category dedicated to story-driven games, including my favorite indie game of the year: WayHaven Chronicles Book One, and two of my favorite games ever – Fallout: New Vegas and 80 Days. The only game that really breaks my heart by not getting into the video is Chroma Squad, as it too expensive for the list at $15. Guess that means I’ll have to give it its own video, huh?

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Josh Griffiths is a writer and amateur historian. He has a passion for 3D platformers, narrative-driven games, and books. Josh is also Cliqist’s video producer. He’s currently working on his first novel, and will be doing so on and off for the next decade.

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