When my future baby-momma was pregnant with our first child she asked me when I was going to tell my dad about our upcoming bundle of vomitous joy. She was shocked when I told her that he would find out eventually. It’s not like Dad and I had a bad relationship, in fact we were the best of friends. I’ve just always felt uncomfortable sharing big news with anyone. It’s the same reason I finished my work shift and didn’t take time off when he died several years later.

How’s that for a tone shift? Whoooo boy!

What does the joy of birth and anguish of parental death have to do with an indie gaming site? Quite a bit in this case. My unease with epic pronouncements has caused me to be a week late announcing a major change. I’ve stepped down as Editor in Chief of Cliqist.

The change is a positive one for me, and fantastic for the site given my lackluster editorial abilities. My tardiness isn’t due to sadness or any sense of shame. Instead, the change is so significant that it feels weird to announce it rather than let the improvements become apparent over time.

new Editor in Chief

In Good Hands

Effective immediately — last week really — the amazing Joanna Mueller is the new Editor in Chief of Cliqist, which means she’s the big boss. From maintaining the editorial voice, to managing the team, right down to making sure people actually read our amazing content; Joanna has the power of Grayskull.

To say that Cliqist is in great hands is an understatement. In addition to several years of community experience at  Destructoid and writing for Hey Poor Player, Joanna has a degree in journalism; which means she knows what arcane topics like syntax are all about. Most importantly she is fearless when it comes to getting compelling content published. Not one to settle for a stream of vanilla previews and reviews, Joanna enjoys digging into unique stories you won’t find anywhere else. The future of Cliqist has never looked brighter.

As for me I’ll be occasionally submitting content here in hopes of it getting approved, and focusing more on my liberal gaming oasis New Normative. Just don’t expect any epic announcements.

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