Need a family friendly game to play? Need a break from games that are super violent? Well don’t fret, there is an awesome indie game that is super fun and family friendly that fits the bill.

The Adventure Pals is put out by Armor Games Studios and Massive Monster. The game has a super cute painted look to it. All the characters have big expressive eyes and a cute chibi look to them. You play as Wilton, and for his birthday his Papop got him a pet giraffe (named Sparkles) and a rock (who fittingly, is named Mr. Rock).

Mr. Rock is more than a pet rock or paperweight though. He is actually very helpful on your journey as he flies and battles bad guys for you. Soon after your birthday celebration, Mr. B, a crazy guy riding a bee shaped flying bike, comes and turns your dad into a hot dog. Why? Guess his thing is going around and turning older people into hot dogs. When you defeat these hot dogs you free the old person who was trapped inside.

Sparkles the Giraffe makes a fine wrench!

Sparkles, your giraffe friend, ends up being a powerful ally. Not only can he use his long tongue as a propeller to float around the level, but Wilton can use his friend as a huge wrench to open up switches to gain access into new areas.

As you defeat enemies and gain experience you’ll level up, teaching your buddies new abilities. Here players get a choice of three power ups and must decide which will help the most on the next part of the adventure. Gotta love the artwork on the ability cards. Each card has so much personality!

The Adventure Pals offers two modes of play, solo or cooperative. Player two controls a girl character who rides a different colored giraffe. As a 2D platformer with tight controls, the game is accessible for both kids and adults to play. It Might take a couple tries to get through an area, but there won’t be any rage quits here!

Instead players can work together; defeating enemies, saving old people, and fighting over stickers and cats to save. At the end of the level you’ll want to try and get to the wishing well first so you can see your character do a victory dance.

Full of personality is a very accurate way to describe this game. From the crazy story, to the unique characters (when have you ever had a giraffe and rock companion in a game?), and all the cool collectibles like stickers for your sticker book. This game truly captures all the great things in a kids imagination and all the things kids love. No matter your age there is something for everyone here, especially those young at heart! The game is available on the PS4, XboxOne, Switch, and on Steam. No matter how you play there is a version for you!

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