Following the positive response to the upcoming, indie developed, Cadence of Hyrule, Nintendo has decided to let more indie devs take a crack at their beloved franchises. Next on the chopping block, a new Super Mario game from the folks at Team Meat. Super Meat Bros follows the adventures of two brothers in their quest to save a princess.

Don’t let the synopsis fool you though, this is a very different game than the original. In Super Meat Bros instead of being plumbers our plucky protagonists are chunks of living meat. The red meat is fresh and full of blood, while his moldy green brother has grown jaded with the whimsical land they call home. Will these two crazy characters manage to save the day?

While an “official” trailer isn’t available as of yet, here’s a really cool video we found on YouTube that is probably how the game will look.

“No I will not confirm your story and please stop calling this number,” Nintendo bigwig, Scott Koopa said, when asked to comment.

Super Meat Bros will probably be available sometime in the future, most likely on the Switch or whatever Nintendo has going by then.

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