The global game developer conference,, starts today for anyone with an Internet connection.

Created by Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail (Super Crate Box, Nuclear Throne) and voiceover artist Sarah Elmaleh (Katie in Gone Home, female Freelancer in Anthem), is another free digital conference debuting this year. Indie publisher, Fellow Traveller, hosted their first digital convention, LudoNarraCon, only a few months ago.

While LudoNarraCon focused on narrative games, aims to cover a wider variety of topics. Their schedule of talks ranges from F2P monetization to avoiding toxic online multiplayer experiences.

The schedule includes creative director Conrad Roset discussing the creative process behind Gris.

According to Polygon, every speaker will present a session in their native language. On top of this, reports that each of these talks will be closed captioned and translated into various languages—like Portuguese, Arabic, and English—and will be available as free transcripts after the event wraps up.

Similar to LudoNarraCon, will be a live-streamed event. Following the live portions, video archives will be available to check out at a later date. (This practice is likely a defining trait of digital conventions by this point.) will last until June 23.

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