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Julie Morley
3 Min Read

OMORI – A World Beyond These Walls By Julie Morley [divider] Welcome to White Space. He has spent his days stuck inside a white room for as long as he can possibly remember. There’s no information about how Omori got stuck in there, all we…

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Laguna Levine
3 Min Read

It’s no secret I have a love affair with Earthbound/Mother series inspired games, and Japanese cult classic Yume Nikki isn’t an exception. I haven’t actually finished the original game, but I’ve delved into plenty of videos, lore, and fan theories over the years. Enough to have formed opinions…

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Josh Griffiths
1 Min Read

Do you hate Steam? Do you hate Digital Rights Management, or DRM as it’s more commonly referred to? Did you back The Long Dark? Are you tired of all these pointless questions which you already know what they’re leading up to? Well, good news! Developer…

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Julie Morley
2 Min Read

Nothing but White Space Another View of Omori By Julie Morley [divider] Everything is white; the floor, what I assume is the ceiling, all of it. It’s just white, white, white. It’s just a room. I’m stuck here in this void of anything relevant. The…