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Georgi Trenev
10 Min Read

Recently, a friend of mine told me he’s spent more than 100 hours documenting his adventures in Skyrim. Every encounter with deadly skeletons, drunken jarls and menacing dragons, written down in painstakingly clear detail inside a physical notepad.  At that moment I had the sudden urge to see…

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Josh Griffiths
1 Min Read

Do you hate Steam? Do you hate Digital Rights Management, or DRM as it’s more commonly referred to? Did you back The Long Dark? Are you tired of all these pointless questions which you already know what they’re leading up to? Well, good news! Developer…

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Greg Micek
1 Min Read

The Long Dark is one of those games that keep’s showing up on everyone’s “Most Anticipated Games” list, even though we’ve seen relatively little of it since it was funded on Kickstarter last year.  However, all of that changed in September when the game was…

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Marcus Estrada
3 Min Read

A Walk In The Long Dark by Marcus Estrada [divider] The Long Dark had a mightily impressive Kickstarter campaign last year. Hinterland Studios raised over $250,000 for their survival sim and have been rolling out the alpha to backers. Although there’s no story mode currently…