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Kickstarter Game of the Week: My Uncle Merlin

Look, on one side you have your fantasy genre with wizards and dragons. On the opposite end you have sci fi space adventures full...

10 Kickstarter Games You Won’t Believe Weren’t Funded

Kickstarter just isn’t what it used to be. Not only are fewer people donating less money, but fewer game developers are launching quality campaigns....

Turn Based RPG Bonfire Reignites Roguelike Combat

Developer MoaCube describe Bonfire as a game that 'respects your time but hates your guts'. It's certainly an attention grabber, but I feel MoaCube...

Sense’s Aesthetic Attempts Both Cyberpunk and Fan-Service

Science-Fiction has yet to exhaust the cyberpunk space. The ongoing Kickstarter project Sense seeks to shine another neon light on the disparity between futuristic...

The Padre: Atone in the Dark

Developer Shotgun with Glitters describe The Padre as "a corrupted fairytale set in the 1910's". While a smattering of literary horror influences can be...

Anti-Coin Platformer Rising Dusk Knows Your Weakness

One of the Japanese demonology inspired Yokai you'll face in indie platformer Rising Dusk is the lizard-bird hybrid Kappa. The Kappa is an ancient...

Kickstarter MIA: Novus AEterno Devs Break Silence With New Promises

Way back in the forgotten days of the year 2013, Taitale Studios launched a Kickstarter for their massive MMORTS, Novus AEterno. The devs were...

Get Lost at Sea With Town Builder Flotsam

It's a great time in gaming for feel-good Armageddon scenarios. The Cede Kickstarter launched recently, giving green-thumbed gamers the chance to bring beautiful blooms to...
Saint Kotar Game Concept

The Misery Tourism of Saint Kotor

I visited Croatia, where Saint Kotor is set, earlier this year. Saw some castles. Met some people. Drunk some beer. It was nice. I...




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