Zodd Concept EnvironmentThere’s and itch I’ve needed scratched for a very long time. I’ve wanted to explore. I mean really get in there and explore something. Maybe that something could be space, and maybe I could be alluding to something. Either way, like a T-Rex with an itchy back, I have been desperate for someone to come along with the long, scratchy fingernails of open-world space exploration, and I think that someone may be on the horizon, because I’ve been told about an exciting new Kickstarter campaign for a game called Zodd the Immure. What’s a Zodd? What’s an Immure? Well, let me fill you in a little bit.

Zodd the Immure is the first of its kind, a game that goes beyond open-world and becomes open-galaxy. Focusing on the seamless transition between space, planet, city, and culture, Zodd the Immure wants to take us on a journey through multiple alien civilizations and cultures on a quest to save everything. Character creation and impactful choices outline the game’s methods, and the ability to switch between alien species Ben 10 style make the gameplay a unique blend of third-person RPG and puzzle-solving.

Zodd Concept RacesYou are a human, living as a servant to cruel alien bosses in a star cluster surrounded by an impenetrable, planet killing barrier. After serving your alien overlords reluctantly for too long, you make a break for it, but being trapped inside this barrier, known only as the Immure, you have few places to run. You flee to the debris fields near the Immure, hoping that your pursuers aren’t crazy enough to follow you, and once they’ve lost your scent, the galaxy is yours to explore. Your character will be customizable, your ship will be upgradable, and your abilities will be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Zodd Concept ShipsAfter finding a key, you are directed towards the remnants of a civilization older than time, a Station that no one alive has ever entered. This time, though, the someone trying to enter has a key, and that someone is you. After entering, you are greeted by a terrifying pool of metal from which an arm extends. This entity is known only as HOST4. HOST4 imbues you with the power to change your species at will, allowing you to assume the roles of any intelligent race within the Immure, but looking the part is only half the battle. You must act in a way that convinces others, utilizing what the development team at Abyss Studios calls “an RPG within an RPG”.

This is Abyss Studio’s first solo project, and they’re seeking $250,000 to help make Zodd a reality. They’ll be using the money to make a prototype to present to potential investors who can fund Abyss further, and while the $250,000 Kickstarter won’t be enough to fully fund the game itself, it will help this game become a reality, and considering the massive scope of the game and plans for it to be released on XBOX ONE, PS4, and PC, this may be a campaign well worth looking into.

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