Welcome to the Ultimate Five Nights at Freddy’s Guide! For as ultimate a 650 word guide can be. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a survival horror point-and-click game by Scott Cawthon. You take the night shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. A job which you have to survive for 5 nights, each night from 12 am till 6 am making sure the animatronics won’t get you. Cause if they do, it’s game over. I will give you some tips on how to beat Five Nights at Freddy’s, but first some info about the animatronics.


The Animatronics


Bonnie at the door.

Bonnie at the door.


Bonnie is a Bunny animatronic who is most active the first few nights. He returns to your office more often than other animatronics and he can only enter through the left side. When he is in your office, the doors will be blocked.


Chica is watching you!

Chica is watching you!

Chica is most active from night 2 till 5 and she will only approach the office from the right side. She is a lot like Bonnie, but she idles longer at the door. If you hear noise coming from the kitchen, Chica is eating some pizza. She can also block your doors.


Foxy in his second stage...

Foxy in his second stage…

... and third stage.

… and third stage.

Foxy is a pirate fox who hides in Pirate Cove. He is active from night 2 -5, sometimes night 1. He is unique, because he has different stages. In the first stage he hides behind his curtains, in the second stage he will peek through, in the third stage he is standing in front of his exhibit and in the last stage he has left Pirate Cove completely. He will then run towards you through the West Hall (Cam 2-A). The stages will change quicker if you don’t watch him enough, so check him regularly. If he has left Pirate Cove, don’t check Cam 2-A, just close your door and wait for the sound of him knocking. He will only approach the left door.


Freddy Fasbear

You can only see Freddy's eyes glowing in the background.

You can only see Freddy’s eyes glowing in the background.

Freddy is most active on night 4 and 5, but can appear earlier. He will not peek at your door so if he is the East Hall, you should close the right door immediately. He can also attack if both doors are closed and when the power runs out. When he is in the kitchen a song will start and you can hear a laugh when he moves. Last but not least, Freddy hides in the dark corners of the room and can not be seen if there is another animatronic in the room with him.


General Rules and Tips

Cameras, doors and lights

Your camera viewer and lights aid you in finding the animatronics. Check both regularly and check on Pirate Cove every 1-3 times you look at the cameras. Your camera can show every place accept for the blind spots outside your door, that’s when the lights come in. Check your lights before you check the cameras, this is very important from night 3 and on. If Bonnie and Chica are near your door without you checking they will sneak up on you and kill you while you are checking the camera viewer. If an animatronic is next to the door. Close it!


Every night you start with a full energy bar. The cameras, lights and doors all cost power. Foxy also takes some power when he knocks on your door. If he does this 2 times in one night, you’re going to have a hard time!

Some Useful Tips

Check the door lights and hallways often; lights before cameras. Also remember to watch Pirate Cove frequently. Hearing footsteps in the hallways is also a sign animatronics are near. Also remember to use your power wisely! The best tip I can give you really, is to stay calm. Then you are going to beat this shit! Well, for the most part.

If you are interested in Five Nights at Freddy’s after reading this guide and you want to try to beat it yourself, you can buy it on Steam for $4,99.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is our September 2014 “Not Crowdfunded, But…” title.  For more Five Nights at Freddy’s content head over here.


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