pixelnoir3In Pixel Noir’s Kickstarter video, the lead developer over at SWDTech Games hit the nail right on the head, and said what many people are afraid to say in this retro-worshipping world of pop culture we all live in. The classic RPG feel hasn’t really evolved over the last decade. Other types of RPG have come along and taken over the mainstream, but the RPG structure that many of us grew up with has either been abandoned in some circles or simply repeated in others, with little innovation and progression taking place within the genre. Pixel Noir is SDWTech Games’ step in the right direction? What steps are being taken?

First of all, in sticking to the classic feel while still innovating, Pixel Noir will take on a theme and story that’s been left largely unexplored in this type of game: The story of a detective in a rough, cutthroat city on the brink of collapse. Combat will be active and fast-paced while still keeping with the strategy and careful thinking required by JRPGs, and the look inside the game will maintain its 16-bit stylization while still taking a technological step forward by utilizing lighting, shadows, and other effects that would’ve been impossible back in the day. Combine all that with comic noir cutscenes and true to life grit, and we might just have something here.


If this sounds cool, don’t take my word for it. Go on over to Kickstarter to watch gameplay, read about the story and characters, listen to music, and see the great artwork in and out of cutscenes. There are also some tempting reward tiers, so if you like what you see, every pledge helps make Pixel Noir a reality.


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