contactvector2We’ve already talked about Contact Vector here on Cliqist, both in an overview and a review of the proof-of-concept, but it seems goals were not met during the last campaign. Developer Stephen Moorhouse hasn’t lost heart, however, and he’s brought Contact Vector back to Kickstarter, and this time, he hopes to get the game made.

Contact Vector is a sci-fi RTS that came out of the gate with guns blazing last time it was on Kickstarter, and now that it’s back for more, I think it’s even more worthwhile to go take a look and see what the developer is so adamant about making. I’m happy the campaign is back, because the chess-like take on real time strategy is something that hasn’t been explored much in video games until now. Most RTSs these days are all about amassing preposterous numbers of troops and sending them all at your enemy’s base, but when both players are on equal footing, it becomes less about micromanagement and more about wit, quick thinking, and consequence. The visual take of Contact Vector can be seen in the proof-of-concept, a bit of a tech demo that can be played right now in your browser, and it’s truly striking.

contactvector5Contact Vector has come back to Kickstarter, and even though not much has changed, there’s still as much of a reason to back this project as ever. If you’re looking for a refreshing take on the RTS genre that relies on strategy above micromanagement, you can support Contact Vector on Kickstarter. If funded successfully this time, Contact Vector will be developed for PC, Mac, and Linux.


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