longdark2The Long Dark is an interesting beast, and we have some backer-only details to share with those of you who are excited about the upcoming release of this first-person survival adventure. In The Long Dark, heavy emphasis is placed on immersion and exploration, working alongside realistic survival mechanics such as hunger, temperature, exhaustion, and the consumption and use of calories, making this one of the most realistic survival simulators I’ve ever seen. Backers just received their first update since March with details on the backer-only alpha build of the game, running a sandbox game mode.

The stated reason for the lack of updates is that the team has been working harder than ever before to get the alpha build to backers, and that the alpha will be distributed and regularly updated via Steam to backers of particular tiers, so if you’re a part of this alpha, you’ll get to influence the development of the game very directly during this point in the process. Also, if you’re in The Long Dark alpha, leave us a comment and tell us how you’re enjoying it so far! We’d love to hear a bit about the game so far, as it seems like an extremely unique and captivating experience.

While not ground-breaking news, it is great to see that development continues with no major signs of delay.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even get some new screenshots soon.



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