karma1The staff of Auralab had a very interesting art director with an eye for interesting ideas. After making a short animation about karma the team was smitten, it had to be a game. Thus, the karma adventure of Karma. Incarnation 1 began.

Karma. Incarnation 1 centers around a creature of unknown origins who has been placed in some strange, surrealistic world. This little worm gets to explore this landscape and interact with whatever he wants. But be warned, you can choose between positive and negative actions that will reflect on Pip, the worm, and will alter his appearance.

karma2In Karma. Incarnation 1, there is no dialogue, voice acting, text, you name it. Everything is merely hinted for the player, based off of imagery and animations. Only by working with visual cues, players need to solve puzzles to progress Pip along.

We do not know why Pip is there or what he is supposed to do, but it appears it’s more or less a journey of self discovery or awareness through his choices.

Auralab has been working on Karma. Incarnation 1┬ásince 2012 in all of the team members’ free time and much of the preproduction work is already completed. Artwork, concepts, all of it is already put together. There is a playable prototype available .

The Russian indie studio has turned to IndieGoGo to fund $35,000 for Karma. Incarnation 1‘s production. Though they say much of the work is already done, Auralab wants to make it without the involvements of investors or publishers. Over $2.4K has been raised and by the looks of it, we may be seeing another fully-funded project on IndieGoGo by August 3rd.

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