av1The concept of being completely blind and using sound to “see” has been played around with quite a bit in books, movies, and other types of media. Everyone knows about Daredevil, the Marvel superhero who has exactly zero functioning eyeballs, and even though his debut film was a bit meh, the parts where we got to “see” what he was “seeing” were a cool idea. Well, now we have an entire game, called AV, built around that concept, and while I’m not sure the developers have any idea of how seeing with sound actually works, this seems like a cool idea, and the combination of first-person exploration and stealth make it even more interesting.

Like I said, AV is a stealth game, but it’s one in which you’re blind if you’re not making noise. Each level has a pack of baddies that are all about totally killing you to death, and you have to avoid their watchful gaze while still making enough noise to see your surroundings. The sounds you make with instruments you collect can apparently have other effects, such as freezing things and activating other things called Pylons. Activating Pylons is your main goal, but not getting killed is probably a close second. In addition to all of that, AV is open-world, and you don’t need to complete things in an extremely specific order, giving it a bit of a Metroidvania style of progression.

av2To learn a bit more about AV, you can visit its Kickstarter page for a gameplay video, some screenshots, and more information about the game. It’s already halfway done, and the team is planning on presenting the beta at the Independent Games Festival in early September, so this project has the low goal of $5,500 and many delay-causing hurdles already taken care of.


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