ritefromthestars2Kirm is a mute little boy from the Makoa tribe on an island far away. It is a custom for the young ones to undergo a rite a passage to move forward into adulthood. Kirm’s fate is very different from the rest of the tribe, for you see, he has been chosen by the stars to be a legend. In Kirm’s unique point and click journey he will master three paths: Wisdom, Courage, and Spirit, in order to reach his final trial into manhood.

The developers at Risin’ Goat have been heavily influenced by classic games such as Day of the Tentacle, Loom, Broken Sword, etc. and have decided to make their own classic point and click adventure. Back in 2013, the staff determined it was time to take the next step and form a complete studio, making A Rite From The Stars their first project, coming to Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii U, and OUYA.

ritefromthestars1Much of the gameplay for A Rite From The Stars will be heavily interactive, relying on interaction with the environment only rather than toying with the inventory. Every pathway is pretty direct and will exclude any redundant walking to solve puzzles. A Rite From The Stars will be somewhat linear but players will have the ability to determine multiple endings.

To finish the development of A Right From The Stars, Risin’ Goat has hit up Kickstarter to raise $40K. Additionally, they have teamed up with OUYA for the #FreeTheGames Fund in which OUYA matches every penny of the Kickstarter campaign to help along development. A demo is available for download on the Kickstarter page for anyone interested in the current progress. So far, the financial support coming in for the campaign has been very promising.


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Julie Morley
Julie Morley is a freelance writer and comic artist from Spring, Texas. She attended the Academy of Art University for two years, studying Animation and Illustration. Whilst here, she learned about writing comic scripts, storyboards, and general storytelling. Since leaving college, she has been working on personal comic projects, stories, and illustrations. She aspires to release a self published comic within two years. For the majority of her life, she has been playing console games, typically being third-person shooters and sandboxes. Her favorite game of existence is Dark Cloud II (Dark Chronicle) and her favorite Indie game is Gone Home.
Julie Morley