EternalStep3Don’t you hate it when you hit max level and your character can’t become any more powerful? It stinks! We all love the satisfying progression of leveling up, getting more powerful gear, and killing an ever-widening horde on monsters, so why hasn’t anyone tapped into our love of satisfying, grindy goodness? Well, luckily, the folks at Once More With Gusto have finally taken it upon themselves to not only provide us with an infinite source of level-ups and gear, but make the grind fun, enjoyable, and constantly challenging. If you’re wondering how, exactly, that’s going to be accomplished, keep reading.

EternalStep2Keeping a game built entirely around grinding entertaining is certainly a challenge, but I honestly think that Eternal Step is making a lot of good choices. If you just think of it as an infinite New Game+ situation, the formula is a familiar one, and it’s certainly one that’s stood the test of time, but Eternal Step isn’t just leaving that formula the way it is – they’re making improvements in almost every area. For instance, the roguelike gameplay is promising to always be challenging. Like most people in the gaming community, the guys at Once More With Gusto love games like Dark Souls, so it certainly stands to reason that the difficulty will be daunting. The loot will also pour in, providing endless gear progression with a card-based equip system. The combat looks tight and reminiscent of bullet hell, with each enemy projecting a clear “danger zone” to avoid – but this won’t kill the difficulty, because there are a ton of enemies.

If you’d like to be nose-deep in this crazy, endless progression of difficulty, gear, and abilities, definitely check out the Kickstarter page for Eternal StepThere aren’t very many reward tiers because the team is taking a “no nonsense” approach to funding. They won’t be spending any money on swag, which means that every cent of the £12,500 goal will be going towards game development.


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