It’s not everyday you hear a game described as a “procedurally generated roguelite pet simulator RPG” but that’s exactly what Cube and Me purports itself to be. At firs the mishmash of terms is overwhelming, but it actually makes a lot of sense once you look over the project a bit. So, let’s get right to work explaining! Cube and Me is a game with three distinct parts: home life, dungeoneering, and battle. Home life is where the simulation parts come on. Players take care of their cube buddy by feeding, cleaning, and playing to increase its stats. You’ll want your cube to be strong as it explores dungeons.

cubeandmepic1In dungeons players might encounter a whole host of things. There are valuable treasures as well as traps in each. Since Cube and Me is procedurally generated that means every dungeon run will be different from the last. Of course, no dungeon would be complete without enemies. Battles occur like your standard RPG, with a few tweaks. You can have up to four cubes in a party, with two being the main ones and the others as support. As long as players take good care of their cubes they should be able to survive enemy encounters.

The concept is cute, as is the art itself. Although it would probably be right at home on handheld systems, right now the team is only targeting Windows, Mac, and Linux. Weirdly, they forgot to mention their PC-specific targeting on the actual campaign page! In any case, Cube and Me’s goal is set at $15,000 which seems very reasonable and attainable.


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