Why do characters always steal items in video games? Is there some sort of “finder’s keepers” rule in effect in all these digital worlds? Well, it seems that Treasure Bird in Dreamland makes stealing a plot point. As a crow, you must rob from the rich and give to the poor. This entails picking up random gems, coins, and opening up treasure chests to loot them. Raum’s journey takes him to such mythological locales as Olympus and Valhalla. In all, there are set to be seven levels (unless they reach stretch goals to add more, of course).

So how does Treasure Bird in Dreamland actually play? Well, it’s a 2D platformer with more of a focus on verticality. After all, you’re a bird which means you can fly! Giving too much flying freedom would take away the fun of platforming, though. The developers have combated this by making each wing flap equivalent to a double jump from other games. Instead of having infinite flying abilities you can only use six wing flaps before needing to rest. Six still seems like a pretty big number but we’ll see how it plays along with the level design.


Once you get beyond the flight mechanic there’s still a lot of classic platformer stylings at play. The art style is nice and pixelated, chiptunes provide the soundtrack, high scores are tallied each level, and you have only a set number of lives before getting a game over. Treasure Bird in Dreamland has a funding goal of $3,000 for release via the Chrome Web and Mac App stores.


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Marcus Estrada


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