willferrell1Will Ferrell is just amazing. Seriously. He’s the bomb. Without him, I would never consider the necessity for the musical accent of a cowbell. But now he’s combining comedy with games for his other favorite word, “charity.” Will Ferrell has begun a charity like no other: Will Ferrell’s SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge. Man, try saying that five times fast.

Will Ferrell has partnered with DonateGames.org and started an IndieGoGo campaign and contest to raise $375,000 for charity. He’s particularly concentrating on Cancer for College and DonateGames. This campaign is organized with flexible funding, meaning that whatever is raised will be given to the charities and the campaign is a success. The funds will be given as scholarships to cancer survivors and provide games to those impacted by cancer. After Will Ferrell got involved with these charities and started meeting the families, he was completely taken aback by the result and wanted to help.

So, he had an idea. A brilliant idea, I might add.

willferrell2This isn’t just a campaign, it’s a contest. People who donate to the campaign (or apply separately if they are unable to donate) will be put into a drawing. The higher your backing, the more entries you’ll receive. One person will be picked randomly to go on an all-expense paid trip to Twitch’s offices in San Francisco, CA to play games with Will Ferrell live on Twitch.com for two hours, broadcasted on October 26th.

Regardless of winning the grand prize, backers receive amazing gear, including an autographed controller or cowbell (snicker) by Will Ferrell himself, and some gear autographed by professional skater Ryan Sheckler. All around, this is an awesome campaign that we’re excited to see where it goes. Did we just cover a successful campaign? Yep!


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