losthomeland1It started as a personal project for a Jugaba Interactive team member’s Master Degree program but in time grew into a full scale game. Lost Homeland is an ambitious third person shooter action adventure game for PC designed with a combination of Victorian Era aesthetics and Steampunk. Spanish studio Jugaba Interactive has been working on Lost Homeland for some time and need additional funding to support their studio and hire additional staff members to finish up the animations, music, and programming. For this, they turn to Kickstarter for $50K.

Lost Homeland takes place in a country in an energy crisis. A tyrant has risen to power, General Marshall Thomas Frederick, and is determined to bring the continent together. Professor Ritz is a notable scientist that took part in a previous successful infinite energy research project that caught Frederick’s attention. In an effort to protect his daughter and avoid Frederick, Ritz relocated to Brightstone and continued his research. Everything was fine until Frederick invaded Brightstone and separated Ritz and his daughter.

losthomeland2Kiara spent eight years imprisoned before she broke free. Once she was free, she immediately started searching for her long lost father. Now, Kiara returns to the place where it all began, determined to end Frederick’s reign.

Lost Homeland offers multiple playing styles for playthrough versatility and objective completion. Kiara’s attacks will vary between ranged and stealthy, depending on the player’s preferences. So much of Lost Homeland will give players ultimate freedom and room to explore and decide. Right now, they’re planning to release for PC, though no word about Mac or Linux yet. The stretch goals will allow additional features, game modes, and bosses and releasing for the PS Vita.

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