This is a game about popping bubbles. About venturing into a world filled without bubbles without reason and it’s up to you to pop them. This is Bubble Struggle: Adventures and it’s on Kickstarter.

Kreso Cvitanovic’s Bubble Struggle: Adventures began as Bubble Trouble, an online game, and has gained a lot of attention over the years, racking up 385,514,342 views since its launch. Its considered one of the top 10 most played online games in the recent years and has several awards under its belt. Now, Kreso wants to expand Bubble Trouble with a sequel and release it on multiple consoles: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, OUYA.

In Bubble Struggle: Adventures, the gameplay is simple. With either a keyboard or controller, players control a character across their screen, avoiding and popping all bubbles in sight. But it’s a little more than that – there is puzzle play and a bit of a story unfolding. There will be interesting characters along the way to aid the player and new weaponry to discover.

Bubble Struggle: Adventures is planned to have give different game modes, two of which are co-op, ranging from story-oriented to begging for the sweet will to an arcade mode throwing the player right into increasingly difficult action to staying alive as masses of bubbles keep falling from the sky.


Players will have an in-game level editor to enjoy and challenge their friends on.

Bubble Struggle: Adventures is currently in its prototype stage, which is available on the Kickstarter page for download. To continue development, Kreso needs some financial assistance, to which he turns to Kickstarter aiming to raise $25K. Bubble Struggle: Adventures is also a part of OUYA’s #Freethegames fund where OUYA matches the Kickstarter funds dollar for dollar.

With this money, he will continue development for roughly six months and hire on a programmer and artist. Kreso plans to release Bubble Struggle: Adventures on Steam and Amazon.


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