Zpocalypse Survival is an action strategy game on #KickstarterIf you had to condense some of the biggest trends in gaming over the past few years your list might look something like this: zombies, tower defense, roguelike/roguelite, and crafting. Somehow, despite being a blend of all these great aspects, Zpocalypse: Survival didn’t meet its funding goals earlier this year. Greenbriar Games certainly did not give up and have now returned to Kickstarter. This time they’ve dropped the funding goal a tad, but it already looks like things are going in their favor.

Zpocalypse: Survival changes the existing formula of “zombie games” in many ways. Instead of just seeing how long you can defend against the undead, your team of survivors must learn new skills, battle their own fears, cope with loss, and ward off diseases. Of course, you’re still going to have to build a strong base to keep zombies at bay. And, yes, of course there will still be many opportunities to go out and battle hordes of zombie baddies. Roguelike features are aplenty as well with procedurally-generated environments and permadeath which leads to a great deal of replayability.

Zpocalypse Survival is an action strategy game on #KickstarterUnlike a lot of Kickstarter campaigns, Zpocalypse: Survival is already Greenlit for Steam release whenever it’s ready. Greenbriar Games have stated it will first launch into Steam Early Access. The game has a funding goal of $35,000 and after only a day have already raised 30% of that goal. You’ll be able to play Zpocalypse: Survival on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. However, Linux players might not be able to play the Early Access version.

Track the progress of the Zpocalypse: Survival Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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