Catch Monsters is an adult re-imagining of Pokémon that's now on Kickstarter.

If you’ve been gaming for any period of time then chances are you’ve played at least one Pokemon game over the years. Pokemon is a massive franchise with many great titles which makes it perfect inspiration for indie creators. Developer Daniel Mullins is hoping his adult-oriented version, Catch Monsters, will grab the attention (and backing) of gamers via Kickstarter.

Given the inspiration, it makes sense that Catch Monsters is an open-world RPG. Battles are executed using cards. Cards are effectively the attacks that your monster will use. You’ll be able to customize better decks as you go to fight off tougher enemies. Unlike Pokemon which went a little off the deep end as far as monster “types” are concerned, this game offers three major categories: Elemental, Feral, Mystic. Each have their own specialties as well as defining characteristics. Exploration of the 2D world is designed to be quite vast. Alongside the main storyline you’ll also be able to pursue side missions that you come across. Said side arcs tie into the world’s three factions.

Catch Monsters is an adult re-imagining of Pokémon that's now on Kickstarter.Although there are obviously similarities to Pokemon it also looks like Catch Monsters is doing a lot to differentiate itself as well. If it makes its Kickstarter goal of $6,000 CAD (about $5,200) then we’ll see a release on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. Would you like to play through Catch Monsters on Steam specifcally? Here’s a link to their new Steam Greenlight page where you can upvote the title. With 25 days to go it seems this game is well on its way to a successful campaign.

Track the progress of the Catch Monsters campaign on our Campaign Calendar.

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