Formicarium is Like a Modern version of Will Wright's SimAnt and it's on KickstarterI don’t mean to reduce a game to its perceived similar qualities to another, but in this case the comparison is made out of love. SimAnt was by far one my favorite PC games in the early 90s and still is quite a bit of fun. As such, I can’t help but think Formicarium seems like a neat proposition. This is a bit of a “god game” wherein you are the invisible maestro making decisions for an ant colony. You must help the ants so survive, grow the population, and hopefully eventually prosper.

Formicarium is Like a Modern version of Will Wright's SimAnt and it's on KickstarterOf course, that’s a task easier said then done when you consider the dangerous micro-landscape insects deal with. With inspirations stated as Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, you can expect that the strategic gameplay can be very serious in nature. It’s hard to tell just now how exactly it plays out, though. If super tough games aren’t your thing you don’t have to worry as Formicarium also includes a casual mode. This will allow you to freely explore the environment and its organisms without having to worry much. The art style is unique, with each creature being represented in a sort of geometric reconstruction of their bodies. In all, the game looks bright and lively with things moving around the screen at all times.

The developers are asking for $20,000 to help make the Kickstarter campaign a success. If funded, Formicarium will come to Windows and Mac PCs, as well as iOS and Android. Here’s a link to the game’s Greenlight page if you want to see it available via Steam.

Track the progress of the Formicarium Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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