Devil's Bluff is a retro-themed online murder-mystery adventure that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Murder mystery games are awesome, but rarely do we ever get to see them! From the board game classic Clue to PC-exclusive The Ship, there’s a surprising lack of titles which let you work to solve a murder quicker than other players. Devil’s Bluff models itself after that classic murder mystery concept by getting together a cast of wacky characters into a giant mansion. They’re having a ball just goofing off when suddenly one of the party goers is killed. Of course, someone at the party murdered them and it’s up to the players to discover who this is.

The cast is incredibly wacky, ranging from Frankenstein’s monster to wizards to luchadores. All characters in game are controlled by a real person. As such, Devil’s Bluff is an online multiplayer game exclusively. But if you can get a whole cast of people playing together then it looks like there’s a lot of potential here. Beyond simply searching for clues you can even discuss (via voice chat) with other players about your plans, suspicions, or try to team up. Instead of typical party chat, in this game you’ll only hear audio when close to a player. If you’re in the wrong place you may miss out on plans being hatched between other folks.

Devil's Bluff is a retro-themed online murder-mystery adventure that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.Devil’s Bluff definitely has some cool ideas and so now it remains to be seen if fans of murder mysteries will flock to their Kickstarter. This game’s campaign requires a sinister $66,600 to achieve crowdfunding success. Although they’re targeting a Windows PC release they currently do not have a Steam Greenlight listing.

Track the progress of the Devil’s Bluff Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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