KAKEXUN is a game based on the final game design of fames developer Kenji Eno, and it's being funded on IndieGogo.

Kenji Eno was perhaps one of the most inventive game developers in the world, with titles such as D and Real Sound: Kaze No Regret under his belt. Unfortunately, after having submitted the initial proposal for his last video game, he passed away. Eno’s friends, family, and previous co-workers decided they must make this video game – KAKEXUN – a reality. As such, his previous staff and other well-known developers founded WARP2 and made this game their first project.

KAKEXUN is a game based on the final game design of fames developer Kenji Eno, and it's being funded on IndieGogo.KAKEXUN received funding via the Japanese audience earlier this year to the tune of around $50,000. Now it’s time to see if Western fans will also show their support. The Indiegogo campaign is asking a heftier $100,000 to create a beta. So far, the concepts have been implemented, but they will now need to create a functioning online multiplayer space with evolving world. Online anything in games always tends to be expensive, but we’ll see if fans pull through.

But what exactly is this game? As with much of Eno’s previous work, it’s a bit tough to describe (and a translation from Japanese to English doesn’t make this an easier task). Effectively, it focuses on the concepts of cosmology (or how the universe was created) and a sense of self, or “I.” Who are “you” and why are you on this planet? Concepts like these will be explored, as well as mathematical ideas. From snippets of gameplay shown so far it appears you need to utilize math to solve mysteries in the game world which will modify it and allow players to proceed. KAKEXUN’s beta is poised for release on mobile platforms (iOS and Android) as well as PC.

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