The Kickstarter campaign for Last Year may not have had much information beyond a basic pitch, but people were apparently very excited. By the end it raised over double the funding goal – $114,711 CAD in all. The pitch pegged this as an “asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror” with support for 5 v 1 online multiplayer. Either you would be cast into the role of a survivor character or become the killer. Also mentioned were plans for multiple killers. Despite the obvious slasher inspirations, without licensing the artist simply had to create new killer styles.

With the concept of Last Year in mind, now please read over this snippet of gameplay information about a newly announced Friday the 13th video game: “Currently in development, Friday the 13th will reportedly be an asymmetrical, co-operative and competitive multiplayer predator/prey horror experience that pits a small group of resourceful survivors against a single player in control of the immortal, relentless slasher icon.”


It sounds incredibly similar, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this bit of news from EGM is all we know right now. To me it sounds like Last Year caught the eye of some industry folks and is now being restructured into a licensed title. Considering the obvious love of slashers, that would probably be the best ending possible for developer James Wearing. Or, could it just be that two folks had an incredibly similar idea around the same time? That also could be the case, especially now that slasher games are becoming very popular. Upcoming games like Until Dawn and Summer Camp both fall into similar tropes. If Friday the 13th does have a connection to Last Year expect to hear more information here on Cliqist!

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