Looking for a frightening new point and click adventure to back? Well, you might not find any on Kickstarter right now but IndieGogo is currently hosting one by the name of The Dark Inside Me. This game boasts its creative director as Akçay Karaazmak. The name may not be familiar to you but for horror film fans you may recall him as the director or Reminiscence which was well-liked by fans last year.

The Dark Inside Me is a disturbing horror adventure game now crowdfunding on IndieGogo.But let’s get back to the game itself. The Dark Inside Me focuses on a man who wakes up chained to a gurney in a hospital. He doesn’t remember much, but it seems that he is deemed a criminal. Players must decide what to do and make choices which may affect what happens next. As with most point and click games you’re going to be solving a lot of puzzles, some of which can be resolved in multiple ways. You can choose the path of violence but it seems that’s probably going to lead toward bad stuff in the end. Speaking of which, this game is incredibly gory and this is completely evident simply by browsing the IndieGogo page. If you’re upset by scenes of gore – and in particular violence against women then do not check this out.

The Dark Inside Me is a disturbing horror adventure game now crowdfunding on IndieGogo.The Dark Inside Me certainly seems, well, dark but it remains to be seen if this will be a mature effort or something that feels more awkward in execution. Another worry is the iffy English present on the campaign page, but presumably some funds will be spent on getting skilled editors. If you are intrigued by The Dark Inside Me then you can give it vote on Greenlight or pledge toward the $100,000 goal.

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