[dropcap size=big]F[/dropcap]ans of Super Smash and bullet hell games will be glad to know that there’s an IndieGogo project that’s taking these two seemingly separate genre’s and splicing them together in an orgy of ps2 era graphical violence. The aptly named Touhou Super Smash Battles is currently crowdfunding and all projections predict that it will blast through a bunch of stretch goals at the very least. For those curious about the game the team behind the project has promised to release a playable demo before the campaign ends.

Touhou Super Smash Battles is a fighting game that's currently crowdfunding on IndieGogo.The From Soy Sauce team explains that their game will enhance the vanilla Super Smash Brothers experience with game elements inspired by Melee and Project M. Visually the differences can be seen in the characters, say goodbye to Nintendo franchise characters and get ready to meet anime girls from the Touhou Universe. Promised features include free-float and as well as Street Fighter inspired grab attacks. Lastly, but not least, in staying true to the bullet hell character of Touhou series the girls will have projectile attacks that will be modified for platform battles. All in all it’s a very chaotic and interesting combination of game styles. From Soy Sauce promises the game will feature fast-paced combo-heavy combat. Fans Smash Brothers will be glad to know that features from favorite mods, like balanced-brawl and brawl-minus, will also be incorporated in the game.

Touhou Super Smash Battles is a fighting game that's currently crowdfunding on IndieGogo.From Soy Sauce is planning to design 12 playable characters, 10 battle stages, four-player mulitplayer, stock-mode battles, as well as team and free-for-all battles as part of their base 10K goal. The stretch goals offers to add 14 additional characters, extended Japanese dub, and the lofty goal of a 2nd story mode where you can play as all of the 26 proposed characters.

From Soy Sauce are planning to bring Touhou Super Smash Battles to the Windows, Mac and Linux. The team hopes to bring the game to other platforms and consoles as well.

One concern I have with Touhou Super Smash Battles is that there might be possible legal issue with game title “Super Smash Battles”, especially since it will be competing with Super Smash Brothers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo’s legal department gives a not too welcome call to From Soy Sauce regarding the possible copyright infringement.


The second potential issue is with the multiplayer. There’s no detail yet about the servers used to host the game’s multiplayer mode or even the cost structure associated with the upkeep of the online services. Unfortunately, crowdfunded games have a very checkered history when it comes to online game modes. Despite all that I sincerely hope that From Soy Sauce is able to successfully implement and execute all these proposed features.

You can learn more about Touhou Super Smash Battles by heading over to its IndieGogo funding page, where it’s raising money until February 6th.

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