The Bergson family were living a great life in Morta. For generations they had lived off the land, watching over it and enjoying its serenity. One day this changed as they noticed an evil corrupting effect on Mount Morta. Suddenly, monsters were now infiltrating the once peaceful landscape. Instead of running away the Bergsons do what they must. Each family member decides to fight back with their weapon of choice. Players get to select any of the family members as they explore and attempt to save Morta from destruction.


Children of Morta utilizes hack n’ slash mechanics to get players into the action fast. However, is also includes a variety of roguelike aspects to keep people playing. There are the expected aspects like procedurally generated areas and that whole “one life” rule. However, there’s also an element of procedural generation to the narrative as well. Yes, the game has one main plotline which runs from start to finish but other story aspects will be revealed in more random ways. This means even if two people play through the game they’ll likely see some different story aspects along the way.


Then there’s the visuals which just help to take Children of Morta over the edge from a campaign you quickly glance at to one which makes you read the entire page. Sure, it utilizes pixel art but I’ll be darned if this isn’t some of the most fluid utilization out there. The animation appears very lively and that alone turns heads. Developer Dead Mage intends to bring their game to Windows, Mac, and Linux provided they make the $65,000 goal. With how things are going so far they might have to seriously start considering the suggestion of console (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U) ports!

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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