Nova Cry is a game with a storied history. In 2012 the exciting-looking card game came to Kickstarter and was a resounding success, raising over $13,000 in all. However due to rights issues and other complications, the game was never able to be delivered to backers. Now in 2014 the rights have been gained by World Within and they are going to finally make Nova Cry: Redux a reality. If you happened to back that original campaign then you’ll know no refunds were ever issued, but you will receive the originally-promised exclusive captains (which are not available via the new Kickstarter). Also, the Dark Suns expansion pack will be provided free of charge.

But enough of all that, what’s this game actually about? It’s a 4X title which utilizes cards instead of hexes or big boards to play on. Each card is gorgeously illustrated and factors into movement and actions players can utilize. Nova Cry: Redux supports anywhere from 2 to 6 players. With only two folks playing it lasts around 30 minutes. If you have a full table of six playing then the game takes fairly longer at 90 minutes. Exploring, battling, and managing your crew members are all part of the experience. Looking to try it out this weekend? Here’s a link to all the print and play files.


Antsy to get your hands on the full Nova Cry: Redux package? It seems that you’re not alone. Right out of the gate the crowdfunding campaign has already surpassed its $10,000 goal. Now its onto the variety of stretch goals which include things like new captains, ships, and heavy cardstock upgrade.

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Marcus Estrada


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