[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]f you still have your old SNES lying around because you have bit of a hoarding problem, or perhaps you bought one from a yard sale due to nostalgia, you are in for some fun news. There is a brand new game coming out for Super Nintendo in the second quarter of 2015. Yup that wasn’t a typo, a brand new game for Super Nintendo Entertainment System is due in mid 2015. The fine folks over at CollectorVision Games have taken it upon themselves to release new games for this classic game console; and the first game they are planning to release is called Justice Beaver. Much like past Nintendo games Justice Beaver is light on the plotline: Justice Beaver is an beaver superhero that will uses a gun and bombs for weapons, and it’s his goal to save the world from some evil saboteurs, and it’s up to you the player to help him along the way.

Justice Beaver is a new platformer being crowdfunded on IndieGogo that's going to be released for the SNES.

CollectorVision explains that Justice Beaver will be heavily inspired from a another classic 80’s game called Rick Dangerous which wasn’t ported to SNES back in the day, CollectorVision plans to incorporate various elements of Rick Dangerous into their original concepts and set it all up as an action platform game for SNES. CollectorVision states that Justice Beaver will feature “…four challenging levels with colorful graphics, fun gameplay (and) challenging enough to warrant high replayability.

Justice Beaver is a new platformer being crowdfunded on IndieGogo that's going to be released for the SNES.

CollectorVision has made it clear from the get-go that Justice Beaver will be released regardless of the amount raised on their IndieGogo project, hence they opted for a flexible payment campaign. What the $20,000 pledge goal would do is help them release Justice Beaver as close to the estimated release date as possible, while at the same time freeing CollectorVision to work on other games they are planning to release for SNES.

And Just in case retro-porting to SNES wasn’t awesome enough, CollectorVision has pledged to port Justice Beaver to Game boy Advance if they are able to raise over $30,000 in their IndieGogo campaign.

These are the kinds of project that crowdfunding was made for, Justice Beaver is not the first attempt to make game for old counsels and it will certainly won’t be the last. However, thanks to crowdfunding indie studios like CollectorVision can get support from like minded retro-fans and hopefully began developing multiple games for retro consoles.

Justice Beaver is a new platformer being crowdfunded on IndieGogo that's going to be released for the SNES.

Last but not least I must give our fine readers the usual spiel about copyright and all that jazz. There is a reason folks over at CollectorVision put this line in their project page ” This project isn’t licensed, endorsed or affiliated with Nintendo. All rights reserved.” I think most of us know what that means; if ever Nintendo gives CollectorVision the old halt-n-desist notice then it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. I personally think it’s a very remote one-in-a-million thing but I have seen stranger things happen, you have been warned.

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