Hotline Miami was a heck of a surprise when it launched in 2012. Although neither top down puzzle-style games or stealth titles were brand new, it brought them together with a really creepy yet intriguing atmosphere that made people take notice. Since then, many more games of this style have arrived. One of the apparent inspired developers is Ink Stains Studios who recently brought 12 is Better Than 6 to IndieGogo. It also features a top-down 2D viewpoint, stealth, and a hefty difficulty. However, this adventure is one with Western flair.

12 is Better Than 6 is a Indiegogo funded top down western shooter with hints of Hotline Miami.

Taking place in the Wild West during 1873 you play the role of a Mexican fellow who escaped from prison. Unfortunately, the world outside is rugged and you’ll have to kill many people to stay alive yourself. Given the time frame, there’s no way to access super powerful machine guns or anything of the sort. Instead, there’s a need to make do with your trusty revolver. Although not particularly Western themed, the art style certainly stands out. It basically makes 12 is Better Than 6 look like someone’s scribbles on paper that have somehow animated themselves.

12 is Better Than 6 is a Indiegogo funded top down western shooter with hints of Hotline Miami.12 is Better Than 6 has a funding goal of $4,500. However, Ink Stains Studios doesn’t need to hit that to succeed as they’re running a flexible funding campaign. Keep that in mind before backing. If you do pledge then your money is 100% going away once the campaign ends regardless if they have a massively successful crowdfunding campaign effort or not. Here’s a direct link to a playable PC demo and the Steam Greenlight page.

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