Are you going to be attending PAX East 2015? Thousands of gamers have already ensured that all show tickets have been sold, so hopefully you already nabbed a ticket! Since 2013, the convention has also housed a crowdfunded social game played by some attendees called Assassins Ball. It’s a neat concept that has continued to see players each year. With a few days left on the Kickstarter, project host Phillip Brady requires just $750 to bring the game back for PAX East 2015.


Here’s the basics for anyone who is interested in possibly participating. Assassins Ball backers will all receive button and card. The button is worn somewhere on your upper body to show that you’re a player in the game. Throughout the day (or spanning multiple days, if you will be at the convention for longer) there will be new assassination missions which come up. If you can find your primary or secondary targets and assassinate them you will receive prestige points. Of course, “assassination” is purely a term for gameplay’s sake as you won’t actually even do anything of harm to the other person. Instead, you will spy them and then have a brief conversation with them in which you view and scan their kill confirm card. The more points a player scores on assassinations the better, of course!

If all the previous Kickstarter campaigns are any indication then chances are Assassins Ball will be back again. However, you are going to want to back this campaign if you have any intention of playing during PAX East this March 6-8.

Track the progress of the Assassins Ball Kickstarter in our Campaign calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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