There are way too many stories about brave, heroic knights who save the kingdom/princess/world/whatever. Why does every knight have to be that same way? In Steve, The Alright Knight you play a knight named Steve who is, well, he’s alright. Armed with his kitten companion Muffinz (whose skills include pooping), he is ready to engage in all the challenges that lie ahead – as long as they’re not too dangerous. The concept is entirely amusing and the funding video is worth a watch as well to get a feel for the type of humor developer OTC Gaming is utilizing.

Steve, The Alright Knight is an adventure puzzle game now crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Steve, The Alright Knight is a 2D platformer/puzzler/action game thing. There’s actually not so much concrete description of the title from a gameplay perspective on the campaign page, but expect to explore a cartoony, colorful world and fight lots of enemies. One aspect being pushed heavily is the fact that it’ll include voice acting. OF course, this fits in with the humorous tone the team is working toward and should help flesh out Steve’s milquetoast nature well. Here’s hoping we hear more description of gameplay as the campaign progresses.

Steve, The Alright Knight is an adventure puzzle game now crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

OTC Gaming are seeking $2,500 to make Steve, The Alright Knight a reality on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. So far they’ve made no mention of Steam but it’s only expected that they’ll launch a Steam Greenlight campaign somewhere along the line. Right out of the gate they’ve already raised 20% so chances are good they’ll be able to fully fund this game before the 59 day funding period closes.

Track the progress of the Steve, The Alright Knight Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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