Do you love sports? Do you love it so much that baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and the like all feel equal in your eyes? If so, then Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is totally your game. As the name suggets, in this game you basically play a variety of different sports at once. This means a hockey player might skate around a basketball court or a soccer player might kick a ball into the hoop. It’s super weird, but a ridiculously amusing concept. Because of its complete breaking of every sports rule it can also be enjoyed by non-sports fan folks. Although I didn’t have the pleasure of playing it myself I was initially introduced to the game by website Giant Bomb where it revealed itself to be a fully functional local co-op experience.


Because it’s already fully playable some may question why Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is on Kickstarter. Basically, developer Tipping Goat still need help to complete the pixel art as well as getting the baseball player added to the game.  They’d also love to update other aspects such as GUI. With that said, the core component of 4 player mode is already implemented making this campaign a safer bet than some others.


There’s no mention yet of a Steam Greenlight page but chances are that’ll crop up at some point. Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is currently only pegged for Windows but they’ve not yet closed off the prospect of Mac and Linux releases as they’re a possibility via stretch goals. This game requires $15,000 for it to be christened a Kickstarter success.

Track the progress of the Super Slam Dunk Touchdown Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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