[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the vast number of games coming out each week it is often a wonder that anyone buys something when it is not on sale. It also makes sense that people have become so much more critical of the constant stream of products flowing in front of them. With this occurring it has become vital for developers to create trailers for their games. This still applies to crowdfunded games.

Debut trailers, teaser trailers, gameplay trailers and Early Access Trailers give those who are interested a glimpse into what a game has to offer. This means that developers have a short time span to showcase the best of their product in a way that can captivate viewers. Of course, this means that it is important for game developers to know what display. Fortunately some great trailers for crowdfunded games have cropped up recently.

League of Geeks made several trailers for their game Armello which appeared on Steam Early Access last month. Perhaps one of the most notable trailers is their Horrors and Heros trailer. Without narration it tells a story, visually, that makes it so unique and powerful that it is hard to compare to most others. In it players get a true sense of the turmoil the kingdom of Armello faces.

The music fits with the setting and movements and the sound effects were part of the music itself. The shadows and lighting in the animation were astounding. Facial expression said so much. The lack of words is actually beneficial as eyes stay glued to the screen as a tale unfolds. Visuals and music can go a long way on their own.

Another trailer that stands out is the release trailer for Whispering Willows by Nightlight Interactive. The almost seamless blend between cinematic filming and game animation makes the eerie and haunting paranormal aspects of the game seem all the more real. Meanwhile, it includes some game footage which helps depict some of the mechanics in the game. This often happens in a separate gameplay trailer and to see the two so well merged together really is something astonishing.

Lastly on the other end of the spectrum, for a game that takes the traditional narration approach, there is Among the Sleep’s release date announcement trailer by Krillbite Studios. This trailer stands out among so many others with narration because the lines they choose to use were, well, purposefully disturbing. In a horror game this is expected. However, things like a mother’s saying good night, things that would normally be comforting, were delivered so creepily in total darkness, with lack of visuals, that even “Sweet dreams” could send shivers down the spine.

These games achieve things with their trailers that not all games do. They do so much more than set up a basic premise and introduce characters. Not only are they creative visual and audio feast, they also elicit strong feelings and emotions. These fast paced, mini-movies are cohesive, have structure, momentum and even defining moments.  They excite, engage and even grip us. These first impressions are highly impactful.

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Caraline Nelson is a student in Kent, Ohio. Her first gaming experiences included chasing the egg thief and avoiding Ripper Roo. Her tabletop history has drawn her to RPGs and marching band has made an affinity for rhythm games. Still, her sense of adventure has led to an exploration of other genres. A love of people makes her dance at the mention of a cooperative game and she enjoys a good conversation in which she can share her opinions. Feel free to check out her Twitter account @adorwriteable.

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