At this years EGX Rezzed, Playtonic Games released two new shots of Project Ukulele and a May launch window for its Kickstarter.



The two images look incredibly similar but the second one shown during the presentation shows off the new heroes of the game. In the bottom right hand corner is a clearly visible eye underneath the two flowers but the creature is still very much hidden. It makes me believe that the creature is one animal as opposed to two like in Banjo Kazooie.

Coincidentally, Rare showed off their Banjo Kazooie game the same day at the same convention that excited fans until they mentioned Kinect support. It’s strange to see Microsoft and Rare stick with the Kinect when it is no longer packaged with the console. I’m hoping there is more to this game than what looks like a re-skinned Kinect Sports game.


Update: This Banjo Kazooie game was not made by Rare but by Audience Entertainment. There is no confirmation on it being an actual game. It was made to get the audience involved and opened EGX.

Paul Drankiewicz
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Paul Drankiewicz