Although some folks have not yet warmed up to the idea, I’m a big fan of browser-based games. After all, times have changed since you required running various browser extensions to simply get a highly simplistic game to play on one. Nevergrind is a HTML5-based RPG which takes inspiration from many, many things, though its original inspiration was Everquest. After years of development, Joe Leonard decided to spin the game off into something uniquely his own. The game is playable online right now, but this Kickstarter will help push the game toward a full release with tons of features, and of course stretch goals will increase the scope even more.


There are four acts in Nevergrind and players must complete the quests thrown at them to succeed. The focus of quests is fighting battles against enemies, which range from your typical cannon fodder to challenging bosses at the end of each act. Along with battles you’ll also be on the lookout for loot. There’s tons of treasure around to help the player out via powerful equippables and other items. A benfit that stems from the game’s browser implementation is that, via an account system, you’ll always be able to pick up your game where you left off on any web-enabled machine.


Developer Neverworks Games is asking for a manageable sum of $4,000 for their Kickstarter and they’re currently well on their way to making it. There’s currently no mention of bringing Nevergrind to Steam, so mentions of “Early Access” just seem to refer to an a beta release for backers and not Steam’s Early Access program.

Track the progress of the Nevergrind Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada


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