The magisterium, along with everything else has been lost, except for one place of magical works that still remains. This one place being the Wizard’s Academy, home of the unique wizards that you’ll be playing as! This game is brought to us by 3D Total Games.

This cooperative wizard game of destruction and spells is suited for 2-6 players to assume the role of one of the many students trying to save their very own academy with magic they do not fully understand. As you experiment and learn spells, you don’t know what you’ll encounter because the spells are randomly selected from a pool of over sixty cards.


Each game is semi-random and you will have to master different strategies such as learning the different combinations of glyphs, to see which are best at fighting creatures such as demons, imps, trolls and ones you’ll accidentally summon. Spells you acquire will be at random and the longer you and your allies take, the more disaster with strike! Every copy of the game comes with plastic miniatures for the various creatures that you’ll encounter through your spell casting gameplay. Resin miniatures are available in some of the pledge levels or as add-ons.


The disaster and location cards are standard poker size (63x88mm) and fit standard card sleeves. The spell cards are 46x69mm and should comfortably fit 47x70mm swan sleeves. The box contains room to store all of the cards sleeved.

If you’d like to learn more about Wizard’s Academy, check out the January Print and Play (download) or the rules (download), as well as the Kickstarter.

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