[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]n Posthuman, you play as one of the last human survivors in the world. Nature is reclaiming the planet and our mutated offspring are working to eradicate us. It’s a pretty grim situation. It’s up to you to resist mutation and survive. However, if you don’t play your cards right, you can become one of the infected.

In the game, players start off as humans on a journey to a rumored fortress harboring a community of humans.  To reach the fortress, players will need to complete each one of ten zones, successfully. These areas are found on tiles (forrest, cities, caves) that are drawn by the players as they explore the world. Don’t worry though, you’re not in this alone. On their travels the players will have the opportunity to meet other human players to trade items and use beneficial skills on each other.


So where does that bad stuff come in? Well, players will also encounter randomly drawn mutant adversaries and be assailed by players who have switched to the mutant side. Encounters with mutants may inflict scars, and the more scars players have, the closer they will be to mutating and switching sides.

One of the interesting things about Posthuman, is the amount of customization (and depth) that each character brings to the game. As pictured below, you can see that each character has a plethora of stats and abilities. Not only that, but if you want, you’re able to to put a pool (everything starts at lv 2 and then you have ten ability points to spend) to customize your character to the way you want to play.


How to play

For a better idea on how to play Posthuman, we’ve included a video from the YouTube channel, “Rahdo Runs Through” (below) that does a great job explaining the rules of the game. You can also watch as Rahdo runs through a full game of Posthuman as well. (Prototype components shown)

Posthuman is currently on Kickstarter. So far the campaign has raised $123,580 and the campaign ends on April 24th.

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