Holy heck are there are a lot of space sim games out there! When you look at the list of crowdfunded ones alone it’s pretty staggering with massive titles such as Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen. And somehow, despite the massive amount of competition, each game brings something different to the table. Solar Crusaders is the latest 4X/strategy title on Kickstarter which features a lot of the key things fans are looking for: vast universe, tactical real-time skirmishes, and a multiplayer world.


One of the typical pitfalls of multiplayer games of this nature is that players will eventually stumble upon “dead” zones – areas where no players hang out or have even discovered. Solar Crusaders has a feature to ensure that NPC pirates, merchants, and the like will always be nearby even if no one else is. Throughout your exploration you’ll be able to colonize planets, amass riches, and hopefully create your own empire. Players can practice battles in single player mode or even host their own server for local co-op play, but the main experience is via the official online server. According to the campaign page, access to the server will be $5 per month.


As of right now (super early in the campaign) Solar Crusaders is tracking very well toward the goal of $30,000. Because people love the heck out of 4X games it also passed through Steam Greenlight previously with little issue. Solar Crusaders is planned for release across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Track the progress of the Solar Crusaders Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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