For the past few years, World of Podcasts has been an annual event in Anaheim, California which coincides with Activison Blizzard’s Blizzcon convention. As the name implies, it served as a fantastic way to get podcasters (and everyone else) in the gaming scene together while they happened to be in town for Blizzcon. Now, the World of Podcast organizers are helping to craft something a bit different by the name of Con Before the Storm 2015. This event is still about getting gaming personalities and fans together to chat about gaming and related geeky pursuits.


This year there will be more expert panels, as well as an improved method of allowing folks to talk with these panelists. There will also be a fan art exhibit – and a means by which attendees will be able to win a copy of their favorite piece of art. A photo booth, and an actual seating area, are also in the works this time around. Almost every single tier of the Kickstarter will not be mailed as they’re intended as a goodie bag (and perks) to grab at Con Before the Storm 2015. It’s worth nothing that there is no actual fee to attend, though.

conbeforethestorm2The event is completely free and backing it is simply a way to help support them in renting out a larger space and general improvements. The goal has been set at a surprisingly reasonable $5,000 but a small group of fans have already raised much of that goal. There’s currently little reason to believe that the funding of Con Before the Storm 2015 won’t be a resounding success. Blizzcon 2015 attendees should definitely look into it!

Track the progress of the Con Before the Storm Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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