Visual novel fans have had it amazingly good over these past few years. Not only have they gained more mainstream attention and release on consoles, but the PC space is absolutely booming with more indie developers than ever before. The genre has seen particular attention and interest on Kickstarter, although as of late so much attention has been focused on publisher Sekai Project. Unwonted Studios is an independent developer who just recently launched a crowdfunding cmapaign for No One But You. It’s described as a visual novel where players jump into protagonist Hideaki’s position.


The young man has just moved from a tiny village to a more bustling town, which is rightly a big shift. Luckily, he manages to make friends with others his age at school. It seems mysteries will play a role in the storyline, but the main focus is on relationships with those friends and family members close to Hideaki. According to the developers, the purpose of this Kickstarter is primarily to get more art into No One But You – the $1,300 goal will facilitate that. The current art (character and backdrops) shown so far look lovely, so the investment doesn’t seem it will be squandered.


With that said, the actual writing of the Kickstarter campaign pitch leaves something to be desired. Of course, this is my opinion. If visual novel fans would like to get a feel for the game’s writing themselves they can check out the psuedo-demo at the bottom of the page, which is basically a partial No One But You scene script.

Track the progress of the No One But You Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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