Although many modern games are likely unaware of the name, The Bitmap Brothers were effectively iconic game developers from the late 80s to early 90s. Their library of titles was vast, spanning from Speedball to Gods to The Chaos Engine. Each title featured gorgeous pixel art, enticing gameplay, and somehow just stood out against the zillions of other games vying for attention on computers. Today their legacy lives on in large part to re-releases of their most famous games on GOG, Steam, and mobile phones. But to a generation of gamers, The Bitmap Brothers were of immense importance. As such, Read-Only Memory have decided to publish The Bitmap Brothers: Universe.


This is yet another book in their catalog with a focus on one developer. Their first was a tome devoted to Sensible Software. After that they went to work on Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Collected Works – a book all about Sega’s landmark system. There’s no doubt that each coffee table book is a labor of love rather than a simple attempt to appease a general audience. Case in point, The Bitmap Brothers: Universe sounds like a total feast for fans. Read-Only Memories were able to obtain rare sketches, concept art, and prototypes of their many classic games – as well as titles which were never released at all.


The Kickstarter campaign for The Bitmap Brothers: Universe is asking for approximately $58,717 (converted from Pounds). Given the high quality of their products, niche topics, and increasingly-large fanbase there’s little chance they won’t succeed. If you’re intrigued, consider checking out their website for a look at each of the previous books.

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