Living in an apartment is an odd experience in some ways. It is only thin walls which separate you from other people living out their lives nearby. Although we all feel that our joys and troubles are uniquely are own, it’s really the case that many others have similar situations. Apartment begins with the story of Nick and Madison who just broke up after four years. With Nick now alone in the apartment the two shared, he must go through the process of restarting his life without her. Players experience his most innermost thoughts and memories by exploring the apartment.


This adventure game has an obvious focus on narrative, but not exactly like a visual novel. You actually must inhabit each space and discover the story, or watch it unfold in various vignettes. Although half of the story is focused on Nick’s struggle, the other half turns toward all the neighbors in the apartment building. What relationships and issues related to them are they going through? How do they experience reality, and is it so different from that of the others? You’ll find out by discovering their storylines.



The presentation of the written text is done in visually unique ways so that playing Apartment doesn’t feel like reading a book. So far, much of the game looks quite nice (although the developers would love to make it even better). Their Kickstarter asks $20,000 for a Windows, Mac, and Linux release of Apartment. If you’re intrigued, check out the demo.

Track the progress of the Apartment Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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