[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]t’s no secret that I’m a fan of visual novels. I love the stories that they tell even if there’s not much in the way of puzzles or gameplay. It’s also no secret that I’m obsessed with the occult and supernatural. So it should go without saying that as soon as I heard about Starlight Vega I had to back it right away. And, as I wont to do with every game that I pledge to, I downloaded and played the demo provided.

Starlight Vega

The demo of Starlight Vega opens up with Aria and her mother moving into her grandfather’s old place. She’s not too thrilled with having to leave her old home but due to economic situations they had no real choice. And it’s far from ready for complete habitation as there is no electricity and there’s dust everywhere. It takes them hours to go through the whole place.

The real fun begins in Starlight Vega when Aria and her best friend Melody enter the upstairs study of her grandfather. It’s pretty obvious fairly early on that he was into some weird stuff. An old book bound and clasped shut sits upon a pedestal in the room and a faintly glowing object sits just begging for someone to touch it. Well, Aria ends up touching it and releases a rather buxom demonic beauty who, apparently, has been imprisoned in said stone for fifty years.

Starlight Vega

This, unfortunately, complicates matters quite considerably. For both Aria and Lyria, the redheaded demoness, are bound together in what’s known as a “lifestone”. This links them together so that neither can be far apart from the other.

The demo for Starlight Vega covers the first few days between these three girls and Lyria’s Wyvern familiar Sid. They spend most of it trying to figure out how to reverse the spell cast on the two bound by the stone. Thankfully for them Melody is as fascinated by the occult as I am and she takes it upon herself, with the help of Sid, to translate the text of the mysterious tome.

Starlight Vega

What we discover relatively early on in Starlight Vega is that there’s a spell that allows one to travel to and from the insides of the book. A sort of sanctuary where time moves much more slowly than in the real world. In fact, both Aria and Melody spend hours inside there looking for help. And possibly find it in her grandfather’s diary.

Starlight Vega

Whilst the fact that there are supernatural elements in Starlight Vega is what got me interested in the game, what finally sold me was that there will be plenty of yuri (lesbian) scenes between our main character and her potential love interests Lyria and Melody. In fact, you see plenty of implied attraction between them in just the demo itself. What I’ve seen are the more tasteful romantic exchanges that I find myself more attracted to than the overt sex scenes usually found in LGBT visual novels. Which is a breath of fresh air and one aspect that I look forward to seeing in the finished product.

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