It seems that 2D platformers will never go out of style as we’re always introduced to new ones via Kickstarter. Of course, it also appears more developers are willing to mess with the established formula. Light Fall is one such title. Yes, it’s a 2D platformer but instead of giving players the ability to jump and little else, here you can actually create your own platforms. This is done via a magical device known as the Shadow Core. This big, black box can be called at any time to assist players when they need another platform. But it’s not just a potential platform either, as it also blocks dangerous lasers from slicing straight through the protagonist.


Here’s another example of how the Shadow Core might be used. Need to jump between walls to ascend over a tall ledge? Consider using the box to boost you up even when another wall isn’t available to jump between. The goal developer Bishop Games is pushing for is to give players freedom of choice. Yes, there’s obviously solutions to platforming puzzles which they designed, but you’ll still be free to do whatever you want and potentially stumble upon cool, totally unique solutions.


Light Fall saw very positive press after showing at PAX East, which may have helped it blast through Steam Greenlight in two weeks. As long as that attention continues to fuel this Kickstarter campaign then there’s little chance of failure. Light Fall requires approximately $16,506 (converted from CAD $) to succeed and release on Windows and Mac. Console and Linux ports are listed as stretch goal.

Track the progress of the Light Fall Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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